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The transport and logistics sector is highly competitive. It is therefore all the more important and indispensable to have a strong partner at your side. Being a hauler for EMT Transport means working together based on equality.

Become a hauler.

EMT Transport offers its hauliers the expertise of our multilingual dispatchers, who ensure regular runs in both national and international traffic. Precise planning and forward-looking decisions enable us to minimise empty vehicle kilometres and gaurantee a high monthly mileage. Freight rates are mutually agreed and thus we build on a cooperation at eye level. Being a hauler for EMT Transport means becoming part of a success story and to benefit from numerous benefits.

That’s what we offer.

Haulers are treated by us as if they were employees of EMT Transport. This enables us to build a solid partnership at eye level, where both sides can contribute their strengths.

Transparency is trust. Together we agree on individual freight rates and other benefits.

On timepayments are the cornerstone of successful cooperation. We know that and we attach particular importance to it.

Repairs to the vehicle, tyre changes and other services can be carried out in our own truck workshop and our car wash ensures that your vehicle is always polished to a high shine.

Your benefits as a haulier.

  • Quick payment terms

  • Regular runs
  • Individual freight rates
  • High monthly mileage
  • professional, multilingual dispatchers
  • Solid partnership
  • Truck Workshop

  • Truck wash

Your contact.


Front Office
  • +39 0471098200

  • info@emt-transport.it

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