EMT IFS ZertifizierungWe are officially IFS certified!

Many thanks to Lorenzo for the energetic support and the preparations for our IFS certificate, which we received with a grand evaluation of 95.2%!

Elmar Morandell, General Manager of EMT Transport GmbH in Caldaro is proud to be an official bearer of the IFS Logistic standards. “Thanks to the tireless efforts of all our employees, we have achieved the highest possible score in the IFS certification.”

We are very pleased that our company has received this award for its high quality requirements, “says Morandell.

This extremely important standard for companies providing logistics services, such as transport and storage, speaks for the effort to ensure transparency and trust throughout the supply chain.

“All of this is achieved through strict controls, compliance with all our customers’ requirements, high corporate responsibility, product protection, safety and constant further education and training of our workforce”, says the chairman of the “Warentransporteure”.

EMT Transport has always had an important credo: Business partners should have the feeling of being in competent hands and recognize the advantage of our co-operation.

The IFS certification further reinforces the company´s commitment to provide efficient and professional storage and the correspondingly safe and consistently controlled transport of food and non-food products.

Morandell is convinced: “To know to have an optimal partner while working with EMT Transport reduces costs, increases trust and enables the most effective use of resources, material and personnel.”.